Grenfell Tower fire: Man jailed for posting pictures of dead body to Facebook

Omega Mwaikambo plead guilty to two offences contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act

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A man has been jailed after he admitted to posting pictures of a Grenfell Tower victim on social media.

Omega Mwaikambo plead guilty to two offences contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act, Scotland Yard said.

The 43-year-old was sentenced to three months at Westminster Magistrates' Court, the force added.

Mwaikambo was arrested after images were posted online of what appeared to be a partially-covered body following the fatal blaze in North Kensington, west London.

At least 30 people are known to have died as fire ripped through the 24-storey building in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The body of the man in the photographs is yet to be formally identified but one man told BBC News he believed the photo showed his brother, Mohammed, who was confirmed dead. 

"This morning we saw a picture of his dead body on social media, and the police didn't know anything about this. This picture shouldn't have been released on social media. The police are saying they couldn't tell us anything until they have more information," he said.

It comes as the community continue to demand answers from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as dozens of people remain missing. 

The death toll is expected to rise as investigators trawl through the wreckage in the search for other victims in the tower’s 120 flats.

Police said more than 70 residents remain unaccounted for and London’s fire commissioner Dany Cotton said it was impossible to say how many victims had died in the blaze.