'Honesty does not cut it in this corrupt world': Boris Berezovsky daughter speaks out to defend him


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The Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky died after spending his life standing up for justice in a “corrupt world”, his daughter claimed.

The former Kremlin critic was found apparently hanged at his Berkshire mansion last week, although the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear.

In a statement issued by Thames Valley Police today, Arina Berezovsky praised her father’s honesty. She said: “Unfortunately, honesty does not ‘cut it’ in this corrupt world and is often mistaken for being manipulative. He had a certain joy for life and never took anything he had for granted.

“His all-consuming determination for justice will be an inspiration to me for the rest of my life and I aspire to one day have half the courage he did when standing up for his beliefs, even if he had to stand alone.”

It was reported today that Mr Berezovsky had been in line for a £200m payment after an investment company which controlled three of his offshore trusts had been due to liquidate assets to provide him with a vast fund to live on. It had previously been assumed that he was in deep financial difficulties after losing a ruinously expensive court battle against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich last year.

It also emerged that toxicology results from the body of Russian fraud “supergrass” Alexander Perepilichnyy, who dropped dead last year, have yet to prove that he was the victim of foul play.