UK weather: Hottest day of the year expected next week with temperatures reaching 30C

Tuesday is set to reach 30C while temperatures in Spain will peak at 44C over the next two weeks

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It’s time to get out the sunscreen as weather forecasters bring good news at last - next Tuesday, June 30, promises to be the hottest day of the year with temperatures possibly reaching a sizzling 30C.

According to forecasters a warm cloud of low pressure is responsible for bringing the high temperatures to Blighty while southern Europe will experience scorching highs.

Sun worshipers headed for Spain, Italy and France should brace themselves for temperatures exceeding 100F over the next fortnight, with temperatures in Spain possibly reaching as high as 44C.

Britain may also experience its own “mini heat wave” at the end of July.

Leon Brown, chief meteorologist with the Weather Channel, said that Tuesday is likely to be the hottest day of the year hitting 28-30C. He told the Mirror that the hot weather is most likely “to be in the south east of the country, and especially East Anglia.”

He added: “That is likely ”Southern Europe is heading for a heat wave and it could get up to 42-44F (111.2C) in southern Spain, which is too hot really. Once you get into late 30's C, it is uncomfortable for most people, you need air con and it is too hot go outdoors in the afternoons.”

“There is real low pressure in Spain, some of Italy and southern France and that will bring a plume of heat to the south east of the UK.”

Don’t dust off the deck chairs out too quickly, however, as before Tuesday there is set to be some rain and the sunny weather will most likely only last for the day becoming cooler and fresher later in the week.

Glastonbury-goers will be pleased to note that they may be spared the usual quagmires of mud with the sun expected to old out, despite a smattering of rain Friday and Sunday and Wimbledon too will be reasonably settled in its first week.

Europe is not the only continent feeling the heat. A heatwave in Pakistan has killed more than 700 people and in America severe drought conditions and erratic winds have caused wildfires in Northern California and Nevada.