How Much Does He Earn?: No 28: Eddie George, Governor of the Bank of England.

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Salary: pounds 227,444. It has been frozen for the Governor's five-year term in order to show his commitment to low inflation.

Age: 55

Perks: A chauffeur-driven navy blue Daimler to show commitment to British industry (his predecessor had a green Rolls-Royce). At least 30 days' foreign travel a year. The Bank no longer has a flat for the Governor's use.

Hours: In at 7.30 every morning. Usually leaves about 6.30pm, but often takes work home. Official functions, European meetings and IMF meetings outside these hours.

Home: A modest suburban house in Dulwich.

Education: Dulwich College; Emmanuel College Cambridge. He is the first governor of the Bank to have studied economics.

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