How Much Does He Earn?: No 6: an officer in the Salvation Army

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Age: 31

Salary: none

But Salvation Army officers receive a living allowance after ordination of pounds 3,350 a year, rising to pounds 3,637 after 12 years' service and pounds 3,990 after 45 years. A married couple would between them receive an allowance of pounds 5,482, rising to pounds 5,774 after 12 years and pounds 6,574 after 45 years. (Officers can only marry other officers.) These rates apply for the 1,807 active officers in Britain, regardless of rank; of the remaining 14,000 who work overseas those serving in the developing world receive less, those in the United States slightly more. Officers have to pay their own way during their two years at training college before ordination. At retirement - 60 for women and 65 for men - they are entitled to a non- contributory pension worth 40 per cent of the active officer's allowance.

Perks and allowances:

Furnished accommodation is provided rent-free; single officers often share a house or flat. After retirement a small rent must be paid. Married couples receive a weekly allowance for each child: pounds 5.75 for under-twos; pounds 8.75 for two to four-year-olds; pounds 9.50 for children aged between five and 10; pounds 11.25 for 11 to 15-year-olds; and pounds 12 for those aged 16 and over. A basic model Ford Escort is provided for transport, as is petrol for business journeys. A uniform allowance of pounds 100 a year is paid to all officers.

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