How much will she earn?: No 24: Julie Goodyear, Coronation Street's publican and, from May, Granada's new chat-show host.

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Age: 49.

Salary: About pounds 110,000 as Bet Gilroy and about pounds 30,000 as The Talk Show's anchor - but far more if the series takes off.

Perks: A wardrobe of sober suits. Cut-price rooms at the Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester - opposite the 'Street' set. Thousands of fan letters. Lucrative deals for personal appearances.

Education: A state school in Heywood, Lancashire, and a modelling course.

Family: Divorced (three times) with a son.

Home: A pounds 95,000 semi- detached house in Heywood - which is

about 20 minutes' drive from Granada's


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