Irish postman delivers letter with hand-drawn map and no address

Though postcodes have only recently been introduced to Ireland, it seems not all post services need them

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A postman in Ireland has been commended for successfully delivering a letter that had no address and a crude hand-drawn map to the correct location in County Wexford.

The letter was apparently destined for the Hook Lighthouse on the remote Hook peninsular in south east Ireland. 

But the sender was apparently unable to remember the name of either the lighthouse or the peninsular, and instead drew a rudimentary map of the area, featuring the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsular, with an arrow next to which was written: “Here please”.

Fortunately, it appears the map was enough for the Irish postal service to go on, and the letter was delivered to its intended recipients.

On its Facebook page, the Hook Lighthouse account posted a photograph of the envelope.

“Fair play to our postman who managed to deliver this map drawn address from Red Dave.”

It is not known why Red Dave decided to draw the map rather than investigate the address, however, the lighthouse did publish an update to say what was in the envelope.

Apparently Red Dave had sent “a little note to say how much he liked the Hook Lighthouse”. 

Postcodes were only introduced to Ireland last year, a full 56 years after the first postcodes were introduced to the UK.