It is blood money. Anyone who buys Tony Blair's book is just encouraging him

By Carol Jones, her son John was killed in Iraq
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I have been speaking to other family members today and they are fuming. The general reaction is that it is blood money. That is what most of them think.

As far as the families are concerned we all hold him responsible. If Tony Blair had not sent our lads to an illegal war, they would still be alive right now. I am dead against him. He never even said sorry. Rose [Gentle, mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle, 19, of 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers, who was killed by a bomb in Iraq] has been in touch and she feels exactly the same way. We are both so angry. The loss of a child is absolutely devastating and you never forget it. I think of him every day.

I think this donation is because of a very big guilty conscience for the 179 deaths in Iraq. He is not prime minister any more. Why can't he disappear off the face of the earth? Why does he keep coming back? He should not have written a book. If he had to write one, why did he have to make such a fuss about it?

I am not happy about it. I would not be happy with anyone that bought the book. They are just encouraging the man. I would not buy the book on principle. If I had a copy, I would burn it.

I was recently given a British Legion award and I have been speaking to them today. I would feel let down by anybody who took money from Tony Blair in this way. It is blood money as far as I am concerned. Why couldn't he keep it to himself, he has kept everything else to himself. Or why couldn't he donate it to Pakistan? We don't want his money.