Jet2 plane forced to make emergency landing at Manchester airport after reported bird strike

The plane came into problems after a bird was reportedly sucked into one of the engines

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A plane from the budget airline Jet2 has been forced to make an emergency landing at Manchester Airport after a bird was reportedly sucked into one of the engines.

The plane, which had taken off from Barcelona, reportedly had smoke and flames coming from it as it flew towards the airport.

Witnesses on the ground reported hearing the plane making loud noises and 'backfiring' as it flew overhead.

Jet2 said the plane called for assistance on its way to the airport due to a "technical indication".

However, an airport worker told the Manchester Evening News that the problems arose when a bird flew into one of the engines.

According to Manchester Airport, the plane, which had 144 people on board, landed safely.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, passenger Paul Worley said that people were crying when the plane started to descend, as vibrations shook the plane.

He added that the cabin crew told passengers to get into the brace position before landing.