Jewellery worth £500,000 stolen from London home of F1 heiress Petra Ecclestone

Earrings and watches discovered missing following house viewing

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The daughter of billionaire Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has had £500,000 worth jewellery stolen from her London home.

Petra Ecclestone, 24, was not at her Belgravia home at the time of the theft, which is thought to have occured during a viewing by a potential buyer. The man, who gave his name to estate agents as Oleg, is reported to have viewed a number of other multi-million pound properties in the area.

Mrs Ecclestone, a mother-of-one, returned home to find some diamond earrings and a diamond Rolex watch were missing.

One of the heiress's friends, speaking the MailOnline, said, “Petra thought that anyone going to see her home would be thoroughly vetted.

“She was out with her sister Tamara a few weeks ago when the viewing took place. As soon as this man left, it was discovered that the jewellery, which was on a bedroom nightstand, was missing.”

Following the theft household staff were immediately searched by security, but found to be clean.

The man, described as a "fake Kazakh millionaire", had been left alone in the house by the estate agent.

It is thought the suspect has viewed several multi-million pound properties in the area during the last two months.

"He has become known to estate agents," a property broker told the newspaper, adding that "Oleg" used a chauffeur-driven Bentley and kept his sunglasses on.

"A colleague of mine who works at a top firm said this guy had approached him and said he only wanted to look at lived-in properties...

"My colleague said he'd never been to Kazakhstan, but his accent sounded fake and he never took his sunglasses off.

"No one can find him and he's not responding to the numbers they have for him."