Jimmy Savile: 15 things we now know about former BBC DJ's shocking abuse

A batch of reports have detailed the extent of Jimmy Savile's crimes at NHS hospitals

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Another batch of reports published today on the scale of Jimmy Savile’s abuse at NHS hospitals over half a century add to the mass of evidence against the former BBC DJ, who died aged 84 in 2011. A total of 44 reports into Savile’s associations with hospitals have now been published.

A separate report was also published on Thursday regarding allegations of sexual abuse made against Savile’s older brother Johnny, who died in 1998, at another hospital. Some of the new findings include:

Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

A girl of 11 asked Savile for his autograph after spotting him in the cafeteria. He asked her why she deserved one and the girl replied she was a hospital volunteer and it was her 11th birthday. Savile pretended he could not hear her reply until she was stood right in front of him. He pulled down her top and said she was a big girl for her age. Once ‘Victim 46’ had found a pen Savile pinned her against the counter and whilst he signed the autograph he put one hand up the girl’s dress and inside her knickers sexually assaulting her. The girl never told anyone what happened and never returned to the hospital.

A 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by Savile in the TV lounge after being admitted to have her tonsils out in 1977. The presenter walked the girl to the empty room, asked her if she had a boyfriend and “swiftly raped her”.

The girl was unaware of who Savile was at the time and described him to investigators as a white-haired porter who wore a gold chain and smoked cigars. She complained to staff following the attack but was told not to say anything by the nurse for fear of her, the nurse, getting into trouble. Savile sexually assaulted the girl again later that night.

In 1985 a 23-year-old woman visited her mother-in-law at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and heard that Savile was visiting a children’s ward. As a fan of the DJ’s she decided to go and see him, holding out hand for him to shake. Savile did not let go and grabbed her breast so hard that it hurt. While holding her hand tightly Savile put his hand up her skirt inside her knickers and sexually assaulted her, all the time scanning the ward to see if anyone was looking. The woman, who has since died after giving her written statement to investigators, ran off and told a nurse. The nurse looked away and took no notice of her.

Leeds General Infirmary (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHST)

A 14-year-old boy was groped on ward in 1994 while waiting for an x-ray in a dressing gown. Savile walked over and said, 'Things can't be that bad'. The victim told investigators: “He put his hand on my leg, as he said it and then all of a sudden just moved his hand under my gown because I had a hospital gown on, I just had me dressing gown draped over me, put his hand on my genitals and squeezed them.”

Savile then said: “I bet that's cheered you up’.”

The boy said he had come forward in order to make it clear Savile had also abused male victims.

A man aged 28 was also groped while lying on a trolley waiting for an x-ray in 1988. He described Savile as having been dressed like a member of the medical staff. He told nobody about what Savile had done because he was too embarrassed.

A student nurse, aged 21, was assaulted in a linen cupboard in 1981. In a state of shock she turned around and on immediately doing so another student nurse came into the cupboard at which point he laughed and said goodbye.

Rampton Hospital (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

Savile parked his motorhome on grounds of the high security hospital and would use it for having consensual sex with nurses. The investigation found he was allowed into the secure areas of the site and had behaved in a “sexually inappropriate” way on four occasions – sitting one person on his lap and touching them intimately as well as kissing three others.

Crawley Hospital (Sussex Community NHST)

No evidence found of sexual abuse. Anecdotal accounts but no record of Savile visiting hospital or any association with hospital.

Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale (Pennine Acute NHST)

Investigated one allegation made by a man who was a patient there as a child in 1965. Report found he was abused, but on balance of probabilities not by Savile.

Scott House Hospital Rochdale (Calderstones NHS FT)

No evidence found and no allegations of abuse.

Bethlem Royal Hospital (South London and Maudsley NHS FT)

The report was unable to substantiate report that Savile touched teenage girl's breast during a visit to open the interim medium secure unit in 1980.

Shenley Hospital (Central and NW London NHST)

In 1981 a teenaged athlete who did a fun run for charity and had photos taken with Savile said he sexually assaulted her and a friend. The report found there was “no reason to doubt” this.

West Yorkshire Ambulance Service (Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust)

No allegations of sexual abuse by Savile - but the report found his access to staff and patients was “entirely inappropriate”.

St Martin’s Hospital, Canterbury (Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust)

On the balance of probability, it is unlikely Savile visited the hospital.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead (Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust)

No specific allegations but suggestions of inappropriate behaviour towards staff, including “hand licking”.

Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust)

Allegation relating to a former patient could not be substantiated as the person did not wish to be interviewed.

Meanwood Park Hospital (Leeds and York Partnerships Foundation Trust)

It is likely a warning was issued, based on a perception that Savile was a “disruptive nuisance” as opposed to a sexual threat.

Calderdale Royal Hospital (Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust)

Allegation of abuse by a former patient was unlikely to have been carried out by Savile

Springfield Hospital (South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust)

Seven women – five patients, a member of staff and a visitor – either did or were “most likely” to have been sexually assaulted by Savile’s older brother Johnny while he worked at Springfield hospital as a recreation officer between 1978 and 1980.

Johnny Savile, who died in 1998, played on his celebrity by association to gain status and sexual favours from female patients, officials were told. Investigators found the claims of rape and other sexual assault either did occur or where “likely” or “most likely” to have occurred.