'Unidentified flying object' crash lands in Kingston and sparks police appeal

The alien object was found on fire in the middle of the road

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A mystery burning object that appeared in the middle of a London road that left police baffled has been identified.

Police in Kingston were alerted to the unknown burning object after it crashlanded in Kingston, south-west London, early on Sunday morning. 

Once the fire had been put out, officers found themselves flummoxed by what the object might be and took to social media to ask for help.


Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO!?Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us...

Posted by Kingston Police on Saturday, 17 October 2015


Online detectives eventually helped deduce the object was, in fact, a pizza oven.

Which only raises more questions as to why it got dumped on the roadside and set on fire…