Lap dancer wins landmark employment ruling


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A lap dancer has won the right to be considered an employee in a decision that could affect thousands of performers in the industry.

Nadine Quashie, 28, who earned in excess of £100,000 working at two Stringfellows clubs over more than a year, brought a legal challenge after being sacked for alleged drugs offences.

Her initial claim for unfair dismissal was rejected on the grounds that she was self employed. But today the Employment Appeal Tribunal found in her favour.

In a case that shed a light on the adult entertainment history, the tribunal heard how the women are paid in Heavenly Money vouchers - £20 for fully nude dance or £300 for an hour's "sit down" - and work on a rota. They give a proportion in commission fees to a House Mother and are fined for a variety of offences such as failing to perform free stage pole dances.

Today the appeal judge sent the case back to the Employment Tribunal to consider her case for unfair dismissal as well as a counter-appeal by Stringfellows that her contract was unenforceable and illegal because claimed irregularities in her tax returns.