London set for more demonstrations as protesters spring into action again

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A new wave of disruptive protests will take place in London in May, according to demonstrators who pitched a campsite outside St Paul's Cathedral and stayed there for more than four months.

A series of meetings to plan three separate days of action have already taken place and further talks are planned in the next month to iron out details of three secret operations, a spokesman for the Occupy movement said. The Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf and the London headquarters of the world's leading banks top an online poll of potential targets.

"May marks the anniversary of the global Occupy movement starting and we intend to mark that, along with sister groups across the world," the spokesman said. The group refused to divulge its specific plans but said that 1, 12 and 15 May had already been earmarked as days on which to carry out the protests, dubbed the "Spring Awakening".

However, powers introduced last year mean the police can stop people from erecting or sleeping in tents on Parliament Square.

Last week, it was reported that members of the group have joined a protest against the development of a site for use during the 2012 Olympics.