London Underground admits plans to sell parts of stations to supermarkets


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The London Underground is in talks with major supermarket retailers including Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Asda about opening a network of shops and “click and collect” grocery services on the network.

Graeme Craig, Transport for London’s director of commercial development, told the Financial Times that the Tube could become an enormous “supermarket aisle” browsed by the millions of commuters who use the service. “They are time-poor people who’ve got very busy lives. All we need to do is work out what it is they need and give it to them in the most convenient format,” he said.

Amazon is also in talks with the transport authority about using offices that should be freed up by plans to close 260 ticket offices. They could be used as collection points for goods.

However, transport unions have warned closing the offices could put passengers at risk as it might make it harder to find staff in an emergency.

A business lounge at Canary Wharf station is also being considered, along with vending machines selling flowers, electronic devices and other high-value goods. TfL managers have identified 75 sites that could be used for property developments.