Man in his 60s hit by lorry becomes sixth cyclist death in 14 days on streets of London

Police say the man died at the scene on the junction of Camberwell Road and Albany Road, south east London

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A male cyclist in his early 60s has been killed following a collision with a lorry in south east London, the Metropolitan Police said.

He is the sixth cyclist to die on the streets of the capital in 14 days, bringing the total this year to 14, already matching the toll for 2012.

Police were called to Camberwell Road in SE5 just after midday today, and arrived with the London Ambulance Service already on the scene.

Officers said the cyclist suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the roadside at 12.37pm.

The male driver of the lorry stopped at the scene and has not been arrested at this time.

The incident follows reports last week of a death on Thursday when a man on a bicycle collided with a bus on Whitechapel Road, and the crash a day earlier which killed the 24-year-old Russian businesswoman Venera Minakhmetova.

Just days ago her sister Dinara said the family wanted Venera's death to be a force for good, and “the last” on London's streets.

She said: “There are actions required from both sides. For cycles to be more careful on the roads, always remember about common logic and safety. For authorities – to work on infrastructure for cycling… I honestly don’t know where exactly the balance is.”

Last week also saw London Mayor Boris Johnson come under fire for warning against the “hasty, rash, precipitous” decisions of cyclists which see them putting their lives in danger.