Man who held up 'hire me' sign at Waterloo station returns a year later with 'I'm hiring' sign

Alfred Ajani attracted media attention for standing at the station asking for a job

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A British man who stood at Waterloo station with a sign asking for a job has returned a year later with a sign offering to hire people.

Alfred Ajani, a marketing graduate from Coventry university, was hired as a public relations manager by a small recruitment firm.

He is in charge of promoting the company, including on social media and in the press.

Mr Ajani returned to the same station where he originally caught the firm's eye to take another sign picture, this time with "Now I'm hiring" printed on it.

Last September the man attracted media attention for the stunt in Waterloo station.

The company Mr Ajani now works for, Asoria Group, is hiring recruitment consultants, and the coverage of the sign picture is likely to bring them increased publicity.

Mr Ajani was hired by the group on the basis that he had come up with an innovative way of gaining media attention for himself during his job search.

In an interview with PCMS group last year after he was hired Mr Ajani advised graduates to take risks.

"Advice I would give to graduates: Don’t be scared; safe is risky. Be ready to promote yourself and your ideas. It only has to work once for it to be a success," he said.

"I am really interested in engaging in self-promotion activities and encouraging passive jobs seekers to get active," the marketing graduate added.