Martin McGuinness backs call for NI inquiry


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The British Government must open itself up to an independent inquiry if Northern Ireland is ever to achieve true peace, its Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, said yesterday.

"Unfortunately, to date, the British state has refused to acknowledge its role as a participant in the conflict. I believe it is insulting to the victims and insulting to people's intelligence," the Sinn Fein politician said. He has backed a call by Michael Mansfield, QC, for a UN-led truth and reconciliation body.

An independent investigation was needed to achieve reconciliation, Mr McGuinness said. "To achieve total recovery, the process must be victim-centred, independent and inclusive of all the participants, including the two governments. The British Government should accept it was central to the conflict and make a contribution to the process."

Speaking to The Independent, he added: "The British Government must agree that the best way forward in dealing with the process is to establish an international, independent tribunal of inquiry."