Million Mask March protesters 'attack woman for having wrong accent'

Corrie McGuire claims she was pushed as she inadvertently entered the march on Westminster Bridge

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A woman says she was attacked by masked activists during the Million Mask March anti-capitalist protests because ‘she had the wrong accent'.

Corrie McGuire claims she was assaulted as she inadvertently walked into a march organised by the group Anonymous.

The majority of protesters wore Guy Fawkes masks for the demonstration, which have become a symbol of civil disobedience following the 2006 film V for Vendetta.

Police said violent clashes broke out between police and protesters after they assembled in Trafalgar Square before heading towards Parliament Square at 6.30pm.

Ms McGuire, who is a comedy agent and producer for Objective Talent Management, told The Standard there were “hundreds of masked people being very violent” and that it was “appalling to see”. She said her bus had become stuck in traffic, so she decided to walk across Westminster Bridge. She claims she was then targeted by a man who had to be pulled off her by police because of the way she spoke.

“The police were advancing on the protesters to move them off the bridge and I was just behind them. There was a person in a mask remonstrating with the officers talking about how they had pensions,” she said.

“As I asked if I could go through, the person turned to me saying ‘it’s alright for you, not all of us have mummies and daddies to look after us,’ and then he lunged at me and grabbed my coat and pushed me back up against the line of police.”

mask-march.jpgMs McGuire also spoke about the alleged incident on Twitter, where she wrote: “Got caught up in traffic so decided to walk across the bridge, and apparently my accent isn’t in line with current campaign. Police incredible but faced with hundreds of masked people being v violent. Not the London I know.

“This is not who we are and this is not progress. Don’t let those people be our voice.”

Her tweets attracted responses from comedians Al Murray and TV presenter Emma Kennedy, who asked after her well-being.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that as of midnight 10 people had been detained, including three on suspicion of assaulting police officers, one of a firework offence, three for public order crimes and one of attempted GBH.