Millionaire property developer killed as his 200mph Pagani Zonda supercar crashes into a fence


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A millionaire property developer has died after the 200MPH Pagani Zonda supercar he was driving ploughed into a metal fence.

The front of William Baranos’ car was torn off in the accident, thought to have been caused when the millionaire, who was in his 50s, lost control of his vehicle while driving at high speeds on a 30MPH main road in Watford.

His body was found 10 feet from the vehicle, suggesting he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when the car’s doors were ripped off by the impact.

A passenger in his 20s, reported to be a friend of the family, walked away from the wreckage with only minor injuries.

Local residents described hearing the Pagani Zonda’s engine revving, followed by tires screeching and then a “massive bang” at around 6pm on Sunday.

A witness told the Daily Mail that he had seen the 7.3 litre engine car driving along the same stretch of road at high speed the previous day.

“It would come up towards the roundabout at breakneck speeds and brake hard, go round the roundabout and then fly back the other way,” he said.

“Then [on Sunday night] it was back again but this time it screeched and we heard a massive bang. It seemed to me that the driver had been showing off.”

Hertfordshire Police said the cause of the accident was being investigated.