Mother found hanged days after she wrote a plea to David Cameron about hardships of the bedroom tax

A friend said: 'She never gave me any kind of inkling... she was my rock.'

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A mother who wrote a plea to David Cameron about the hardships of the bedroom tax was found hanged in the same spot where her son took his own life, according to reports. 

A coroners’ report heard how Frances McCormack received an eviction notice at her home on the same day her body was discovered on 10 August 2015. It was claimed she was pestered for the bedroom tax following the death of her 16-year-old son, Jack Allen, in 2013.

According to reports in the Mirror, the 53-year-old had a handwritten note found in her bedroom – part of it was addressed to David Cameron describing the hardship that the bedroom tax was causing. The inquest heard it was dated 10 days before her death and made no mention of the eviction notice.

Her body was discovered by her close friend Natalie Richardson. She told the Doncaster inquest: "Frances had spoken to me previously about the property…She wanted to buy into it, it was where the three boys were raised and where Jack took his last breaths, ate his last meal and spoke his last words.

"She was a very strong woman, very strong minded. I felt she was getting a lot better with herself. She had decided to go out a bit more, she had started going to the gym, she was very focused and always had something to do.

"She never gave me any kind of inkling and was strong for me when my partner passed away. She was my rock."

Assistant Doncaster coroner Mark Beresford said: “The method was strikingly similar to that in which Jack ended his life, by which a powerful message could be sent, possibly to the authority dealing with her eviction, providing Ms McCormack with persuasive ammunition.

“The question of whether she intended to take her own life remains unclear.”