Northampton Clown sells merchandise to fund travel around the UK

Anonymous performer teams up with London printmakers to create branded T shirts and bags

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The sinister-looking Northampton Clown who has appeared on street corners around Northampton has begun selling merchandise which he hopes will fund a trip around the country.

The performer, who has based his costume on a character from the Stephen King story IT, announced his new enterprise to his 178,000 Facebook fans.

He wrote: "I've had a lot of messages asking about t-shirts etc so I've had it arranged. Here we are!" before signing off with his customary greeting, "Beep Beep!"

The clown has teamed up with London-based printmaking studio Frost + Massive to create T-shirts and bags emblazoned with the slogan "Am I the clown?"

His Facebook page features a picture to promote his merchandise, with the words, "Help raise money to bring the clown to your town!"

Online fans have demanded that the anonymous performer donate all the proceeds from his merchandise to charity.

The clown, who has said his costume was inspired by the Stephen King character Pennywise, responded by insisting that he would not keep any of the profits. "I'm not doing this for money. None of it will come to me," he posted.

"I know this will have upset a few of you. If I get anything out of this it is going towards travel and charity! See you all soon! Beep Beep!"

Frost + Massive, which is producing the merchandise, told the Daily Mirror, "Unfortunately the Arts Council of Great Britain doesn't give grants to clowns who appear in the street at night just yet! And travelling around the UK doesn't cost pennies any more unfortunately.

"The funds generated from theses tee's will pay for him to travel around to more locations, and further afield, and what's left will go to charity.

"Rather than Joe Bloggs making and selling them unofficially, buying the official Northampton Clown stuff will help fund his work and enables him to keep making appearances. Who knows - maybe he'll appear down your street sometime soon!"

The mysterious character has been seen around Northampton, waving at passers-by. Photos of him have been posted online, turning him into something of an internet sensation.

He has recently begun setting his followers riddles as to where he will next make an appearance. His most recent public appearance was in front of the town's National Lift Tower, a local historic landmark on 26 September.