Optical Express considering appeal after £500,000 pay out to woman left with sensitive eyes following laser surgery


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A leading high street optician is considering an appeal after paying out more than £500,000 in damages to a woman who claimed her laser eye surgery had been botched.

Stephanie Holloway sued Optical Express on the grounds she had to constantly wear sunglasses and use candles at home because her eyes had become extremely sensitive to light following the surgery to correct her short-sightedness, according to the BBC.

The 28-year-old from Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, claimed compensation for suffering and loss of earnings since the operation in 2008.

She said she had not been told of the risks of surgery and could no longer work as a book dealer as a result of the damage to her eyes.

The judge at Central London County Court found in her favour and awarded her £569,000 in damages.

Optical Express, which describes itself as the UK’s largest provider of laser eye surgery, said it was “disappointed” by the verdict and was exploring options for further legal action.

It emerged in court that the company had put her under surveillance in an attempt to prove her claims were false.

A spokesman said all surgical procedures carried a risk, but added: “Optical Express only uses the very latest technology, employs the most experienced surgeons and continually reviews procedures to reduce the chance of a complication.

“Our excellent clinical outcomes clearly demonstrate that our patients are in good hands.”

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