Pack of wild dogs caught on CCTV ripping family's pet cat apart in Kent

The animals have been terrorising an estate in Strood

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Graphic footage has emerged of a pet cat being torn to pieces by a pack of wild dogs on a suburban housing estate in Kent.

The dogs have been terrorising residents in the Medway Gate estate in Strood, who fear that a child could be the next victim.

Footage, obtained by Kent Online, shows the three dogs walking along a line of houses before spotting the small black cat.

They veer across a car park and can be seen chasing the desperately leaping cat before one of the dogs ensnares it in its jaws.

The animals play a tug of war with the limp body before a neighbour shouts out a window and they run off, with one of the dogs carrying the cat in its mouth.

Two of the animals had unusual black and white markings but their breed could not be determined in the video, which was recorded on 22 June.

Mother-of-five Amanda Tye, 32, whose family owned the cat told Kent Online: "Coco was a one-in-a-million cat who we'll miss so much.

"They (the dogs) may well go for a child if they are hungry enough – they pose a big threat."

Seven cats have been attacked so far, prompting frantic calls to the police and council but dog wardens have failed to catch the dogs or find out whether they have owners.