Pamela Anderson brands Theresa May the worst Prime Minister in living memory

'Theresa May, who won’t shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn’t care about poor people. Who doesn’t care about justice or peace,' says model

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Pamela Anderson has launched into a scathing attack on Theresa May and branded her the worst Prime Minister in living history.

The former Playboy model and Baywatch star argued Ms May was on her “last legs” in the wake of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe which is now thought to have killed at least 58 people.

Anderson described Ms May’s performance in the recent general election, which saw the Tories haemorrhage seats to Labour and lose their overall Commons majority, as “pyrrhic”. By this, she meant a victory seized at too greater cost to have been worthwhile for the winner.

Writing in a blog post, Anderson did not hold back on her criticism of Ms May: “Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the Pyhrric victory.

“Theresa May, who won’t shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn’t care about poor people. Who doesn’t care about justice or peace … The worst Prime Minister in living memory”.

Anderson’s comments follow a torrent of criticism directed at the Conservative leader over how she handled the inferno which wrecked the 24-storey block in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Ms May was widely condemned for failing to meet with victims at the scene and accused of misreading the public mood in response to the deadly blaze.

Sorrow over the fire quickly transformed into rage as it became clear the fatalities had been radically understated and the catastrophe could have been prevented. Over the weekend, Ms May was subject to chants of “cowards” as she left a church, which is being used as a support space for victims of the fire, and demonstrators chanted “May must go” as they marched from the Home Office to Downing Street.

Anderson, who is now a leading animal rights campaigner, made the remarks about Ms May as part of an emotionally charged plea for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be freed from the threat of prosecution.

“But Theresa May - who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for five years - refuses to allow him to leave,” she said.

Anderson was spotted delivering lunch to Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London last year and then again in February of this year, saying she was “concerned” about both his health and his family.

The 49-year-old has reinvented herself as a political agitator and outspoken voice in recent years. Her issues include everything from warning porn addiction is leading to sexual violence against women and child abuse to publicly rebuking President Donald Trump’s “pussy grabbing” comments to her campaign against the use of fur with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

Anderson first turned her attentions to political causes some 20 years ago on a Baywatch promotional tour when she wrote a letter to PETA.