Passenger plane veers off runway at Birmingham Airport

None of the 98 passengers on the Airbus A320 have been injured

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A plane carrying 98 passengers has veered off the runway onto a grass verge after landing at Birmingham Airport, airport officials have said

The Airbus A320 “manoeuvred” off the tarmac at about 2pm on Sunday while it was taxing to the terminal.

There are no reports of any injuries and all the passengers were taken off the plane safely after the incident, according to a spokesman for the airport in Bickenhill, Solihull.

The plane was operated by the Lithuanian airline Small Planet and had arrived from Paderborn in Germany.

Fire engines and emergency teams attended the scene and the airliner was eventually towed from the grass and back onto the taxiway at around 4pm. 

In a statement, the airport said: “Birmingham Airport can confirm than an A320 aircraft belonging to charter company, Small Planet, has manoeuvred off the taxiway into the grass after landing from Paderborn at 1320 today.

“Passengers have safely disembarked and have been bussed to the terminal. There are no reports of injuries.”

A spokesman for the carrier Small Planet, said: “On February 21, Small Planet Airlines flight S5-3260 from Paderborn in Germany ran off the taxiway after landing at Birmingham airport and stopped on the grass.

“All 98 passengers safely disembarked the aircraft and there were no injuries.”

Additional reporting by Press Association