Police photograph motorists capturing images of crash scene on their mobiles

Northamptonshire Police said those involved could face prosecution

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Motorists who use their mobile phones to take photographs of crash scenes while driving could face prosecution, police have said.

Northamptonshire Police officers at the scene of a collision on the A45 took pictures of drivers capturing images as they travelled past on the opposite carriageway.

Inspector Jen Helm said: “We will now be seeking prosecutions against those people.”

Police were called to a crash involving a large van that had rolled over after leaving the road along the westbound carriageway of the A45 near Great Doddington at 3.25pm on Monday.

The driver of the van and his passenger were airlifted to University Hospital Coventry with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

But officers at the scene were surprised to see passing motorists taking photographs of the accident and decided to capture the culprits on camera.

Ms Helm said: “I am amazed that people think there is nothing wrong with using their mobile phones to take pictures while driving, and secondly that they think it is in any way appropriate or respectful to the victims of that collision.

“What might be a great Facebook update for one person could picture the spot where someone’s daughter or father took their last breath.

"Using your mobile phone while driving can and does lead to serious injury and sometimes fatal road traffic collisions.

“The drivers we photographed all gambled with other people's lives that day. When it does go wrong, I promise no photograph in the world will make the family of the victim think it was worth it.”