Postal workers win 6.9 per cent rise in Royal Mail deal

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A deal aimed at ending the long-running postal workers dispute has been agreed , including a 6.9 per cent pay rise over three years. The working week will be cut and postal workers will have greater job security, while agreeing to deliver a "transformation" of the business.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said workers will also receive lump sums of about £2,500 as well as weekly pay supplements and other improvements such as extra maternity and paternity pay.

The Royal Mail and CWU have been in talks for more than two months following walkouts last year. Dave Ward, the CWU's deputy general secretary, said: "There's a balance of pay and operational changes which will help offset job losses and ensure our members are fairly rewarded for change."

Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier said: "This agreement is good for the business as it allows Royal Mail to get on with its modernisation, it's a good and fair deal for our people, and it's a good deal for our customers as it ensures stability over the next three years."

*The Public and Commercial Services union claimed 200,000 civil servants caused widespread disruption to public services such as courts, airports and Jobcentres yesterday as they began a two-day strike in protest at cuts to redundancy pay. The Cabinet Office insisted that only 81,000 PCS members were on strike.