Royal baby in numbers: The pomp, protocol and pregnancy


Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is in labour and as the world’s media decamps outside the hospital, here is the royal birth in numbers.

£12,000: It costs £4,965 for the ‘delivery package at the Lindo wing, which includes one night stay. An extra night in a deluxe room costs £1,050 and consultants fees can come up to £6000. So that’s nearing a £12,000 total.

1948: The last time the Home Secretary would have been required to attend a royal birth to ensure no illegitimate newborns were smuggled in to replace the true ‘heir to the throne’.

312-years-old. The age of the succession law changed by parliament to allow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child to become Queen if it is a girl.

£240 million: the bump the royal baby will give to the British economy, according to Reuters.

120 years ago: the last time a serving monarch met a great-grandchild born in such direct succession to the throne.

41: the number of guns in the salute that will accompany the royal birth, fired as a sign of respect to the salubrious sprog.

16: the number of countries the royal baby will one day be head of state of

7/1: the odds that the royal baby will be ginger.

4th: Harry’s ranking in line to the throne once the royal baby is born.

1st July: when Princess Diana told the press that William would be born. He was actually due ten days earlier, and his birth caught the papers completely off guard.