Scottish Referendum gambler who won £193,000, loses it all in General Election bet

Conservatives majority cost the man £205,500 in what is the biggest ever loss on a political bet

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A man who made £193,000 by successfully betting on the outcome of the Scottish referendum, has made the biggest ever loss on a political bet with a failed venture on the general election.

The anonymous man previously bet £900,000 on the outcome of September’s Scottish referendum in September, winning £193,000.

This year he placed a £200,000 bet at 2/9 on a hung parliament and then added a further £5,5000, wiping out the profits from his previous bet, and more.

A William Hill spokesman said: “For the majority of the night we were convinced he was on to a winner but things then spiralled against him.

“This is the biggest ever loss on a political bet but I have spoken to the man and he will live to fight another day. He is going to take a low profile for a while.

“He was more concerned that his analysis of the election didn't work out, more than losing the bet.

“It has been a remarkable series of bets.

“Although he lost, many of our clients have flourished. It has been quite an expensive night for us.”

Elsewhere a gambler from the Midlands put £2,600 on a Conservative majority two days ago in Betfred and won £46,000, while Paddy Power's biggest win was a customer who won £25,000 by betting David Cameron would continue as Prime Minister.

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