Snow and ice warning as forecasters fear widespread rain could freeze and cause sheet ice on roads

Icy conditions could occur 'pretty much anywhere'

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Heavy rain over Saturday could freeze overnight and cause sheet ice on Britain’s roads, forecasters have warned.

The Met Office has issued a snow and ice warning for Scotland, but there are expectations that sub-zero temperatures overnight could lead to dangerous driving conditions across the UK.

John Lee, a forecaster for private weather service MeteoGroup, said there could be ice “pretty much anywhere” which might combine with freezing fog would reduce visability.

"In Scotland there is a stream of showers coming in from the north west turning into sleet and snow,” he said.

"Elsewhere, an area of rain pretty much everywhere, coming off the Atlantic, met with cold air and already in parts of Wales we have seen snow in the highest parts of Brecon and Snowdonia.


"As that moves there could be a light dusting over the highest of the Peaks and Staffordshire but it won't be very long-lasting.

"For England and Wales it should clear and get colder tonight, with a risk of ice pretty much anywhere and freezing fog patches."

Temperatures are expected to be a crisp 2C throughout most of the UK once the sun rises tomorrow.

The Met Office said that frost on the ground would be “widespread” overnight between Saturday and Sunday.