Solar eclipse 2015: Couldn't see from where you are? Watch clear time-lapse video of eclipse over Plymouth

Plymouth enjoyed an 86 per cent eclipse this morning

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Today saw the UK stop for the best solar eclipse to hit the British Isles in almost 16 years.

Up and down the country hundreds of thousands of people stopped what they were doing to catch a glimpse of the rare celestial event.

One of the best places to catch the eclipse was Plymouth, where the clouds parted shortly after 9 am so that thousands of sky watchers could see the moment the sun almost completely covered the moon. Unlike the rest of Britain where heavy cloud cover obscured there view of the event,in Plymouth, conditions were clearer so that those watching were able to clearly view the 86 per cent eclipse.

Time-lapse from Bristol

Photographers and camera crews were also out in force in the south-west to ensure that they captured the event that will not happen again in Britain for another decade.

Above is an incredible time-lapse video showing the journey of the moon over the sun above Plymouth this morning.