Southampton acid attack victim Carla Whitlock reveals she could lose sight in right eye

The 37-year-old mother-of-six says the attack has 'completely changed' her life

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A 37-year-old woman who had acid thrown in her face in a brutal attack has bravely spoken of her ordeal, describing the pain like being constantly stabbed in the eyeball.

Carla Whitlock, a mother-of-six, was left with severe injuries to her face, eyes, neck and arms following the attack outside the Turtle Bay restaurant in Guildhall Square, Southampton, on Friday.

She was taken to hospital with “significant burns” and has since been released from hospital although her treatment is ongoing.

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Ms Whitlock has described how she may not regain the sight in her right eye and said the attack has “completely changed” her life.

She said: “I'm okay considering what has happened. It is quite painful. The eyes more than anything.”

She continued: “It's painful. My eyes are swollen at the moment. Its going to get more painful before it gets better. It just feels like someone is stabbing me in the eyeball all the time.

“I can pretty much see everything out of my left eye but I cannot see anything out of my right eye. There is a good chance I won't regain any sight in my right eye. Its just time that will tell with that one. It has changed my life completely. I'm coping with it as best as I can.”

Ms Whitlock said that she wished to thank staff at the restaurant who she believed helped save her left eye from being more severely injured.

She said; “I would like to say thank you very much to the bouncers outside Turtle Bay. The efforts that they have done is why I've got sight in my left eye now. Everything they have done, that's why I do have that sight.

“I can't really see anything in front of me at the moment, I am just trying to concentrate on getting my sight back. That is all I can really think about at the moment. My partner is helping me a lot and I'm just trying to manage the best I can.”


Hampshire police has named two brothers, Billy Midmore, 22, and 26-year-old Geoffrey Midmore, both from London, as suspects who have been spotted on CCTV “smirking” following the attack.

Officers believe that Ms Whitlock was specifically targeted in the attack which has left her badly scarred.

Detective Inspector Will Whale said that anyone harbouring them would also face prosecution.

He said: “We have executed warrants in the Medway area of Kent and are working closely with our colleagues in Kent Police and the Metropolitan Police Service in the search for Billy and Geoffrey Midmore. Hampshire officers have travelled to Kent and the Met area to work closely with them and further this investigation.

“The victim is now out of hospital, but her injuries are life-changing and horrific. So far, the public has been fantastic in coming forward with information to help us, but we need you to help us find these men who we believe were involved in this horrendous attack.

“Our message to them and to those who may be helping them is there is no hiding place. Anyone who is harbouring the Midmores or has assisted them since the weekend will be found.

“If you have helped them run, given them a vehicle, financed them, or even communicated with them without telling us, you are now involved in the investigation. You will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We urge you to give them up now.

“If you were in the Guildhall Square in the group that was involved in this attack and you haven't come forward yet, you will be a suspect. Come forward and speak to us.”

Detectives have released images from CCTV which show the brothers' movements in the days after the attack.

Mr Whale said: “They appear on the CCTV looking relaxed, confident and smirking.”

Billy is described as white, 5ft 8ins, he has blue eyes and a scar on his left arm. He speaks with a London accent and is of stocky build.

Geoffrey is described as white, 5ft 1ins, he has green eyes and a scar on the right side of his face. He is of stocky build and has a tattoo on his hand.