Spotted Dick goes back on the menu

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The traditional pudding Spotted Dick was restored to a council canteen's menu today, after complaints about its politically correct replacement - Spotted Richard.

Earlier this month, Flintshire Council catering staff renamed the dessert at its headquarters in Mold, North Wales, in a bid to stop "childish comments" from a customer.

But angry members of the public sent letters to the council in protest.

And in a victory for common sense, bosses have backed down and brought back the correct title.

Colin Everett, head of Flintshire County Council, admitted the action had led to "some derision and, sadly, to a number of abusive letters being sent in from across the country".

He decided to retract the name change to let "common tradition and common sense" prevail, he said.

"Spotted Dick will be back on the menu under its proper and proud name.

"Catering staff, irritated by the childish comments of one regular customer over the name of this famous pudding, simply changed its name from Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard to avoid repeat comments and further embarrassment.

"Flintshire County Council will observe proper tradition and refer to all dishes by their proper name," Mr Everett added.

Spotted Dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit, and is thought to have originated in the middle of the 19th Century.

The "spotted" part of the name refers to the currants, which resemble spots, and "Dick" is believed to derive from the word dough.