Spy chief loses extradition appeal

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A Mongolian spy chief has lodged an appeal after a judge ruled he could be sent to Germany to face charges of kidnap and false imprisonment.

Bat Khurts, 41, is alleged to have been involved in the abduction of Mongolian national Enkhbat Damiran, who was wanted in connection with the murder of a government official.

Last week, District Judge Quentin Purdy, sitting at London's City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, said Khurts should be sent to Germany on a European arrest warrant.

But Khurts, who claims he was lured to the UK so he could be apprehended and jailed, has now lodged an appeal against the decision.

His legal team argue that, as head of the executive office of Mongolia's National Security Council, their client should have been covered by diplomatic immunity and should not have been detained when he arrived in Britain.

His solicitor, Duncan MacDonald, of JD Spicer & Co, said: "We can confirm that we lodged an appeal on behalf of Mr Khurts this week."

Full papers are expected to be submitted to the High Court next week.

Mr Damiran was taken from France to Berlin, drugged and then flown to Mongolia.

He was wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of Mongolian Infrastructure Minister Zorig Sanjasuuren.