Stamps mark London Eye's tenth anniversary

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The tenth anniversary of one of London's most recognisable landmarks is being celebrated with a collection of stamps on sale today.

Cutting a striking shape on the capital's skyline, the London Eye has attracted more than 38 million visitors.

Royal Mail is issuing a special sheet of 1st Class stamps alongside labels bearing pictures of the giant Ferris wheel.

The London Eye Commemorative Sheet costs £13.50 for the ten stamps with images of the Union Flag next to the prints of the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the Thames.

They trace the history of the wheel from the original sketches entered into the 1993 competition to create a landmark for the new millennium, through to its construction and the lasting legacy.

David Sharpe from Merlin Entertainments said: "The London Eye has far exceeded any of our initial expectations when we opened in 2000.

"Ten years on and we've achieved fantastic success, with over 38.5 million visitors from all over the world coming to enjoy what has become the most iconic landmark in the capital.

"We hope that London Eye fans enjoy the 10th birthday commemorative stamps to celebrate this milestone."

Philip Parker from Royal Mail Stamps said: "The London Eye is a striking addition to the capital's skyline, providing a contemporary touch that works in combination with other famous London landmarks.

"This Commemorative Stamp Sheet, celebrates the 10th anniversary of this hugely popular visitor attraction, combining superb photographs with the story behind this magnificent feat of precision engineering."

The collection is available from about 400 Post Offices, including all Postshops.