Stephen Sutton: “I’m still here and still fighting” says terminally-ill teenager as donations pass £2m

Terminally-ill teenager defying doctors by showing some signs of improvement

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The terminally-ill teenage fund raiser who has raised millions for charity has said that he is “happy” and “still fighting” as donations for the teenager continue to flood in.

Stephen Sutton, who has been suffering from colorectal cancer since he was 15, posted the update on his Facebook page from the hospital bed where he is currently being treated.

The message came as the money raised on Stephen’s Just Giving page passed the £2 million mark.

In his first Facebook update since the a wave of donations saw the amount of money grow from £500,000 to £2 million in just three days, Stephen said he was in “high spirits” and the support he had received was phenomenal “phenomenal.”

In an honest insight by the teenager, he admitted that after his last post, he “genuinely thought he was a goner” and that he was “taking things day by day.”

Stephen, whose collapsed lung on Sunday saw a full emergency team keep him alive, says he is unexpectedly showing some signs of improvement.

According to doctors, they had expected him to just deteriorate from that point. However, it seems that Stephen has defied doctors.

He said: “My recovery has been positive and quite unexpected. “

Adding: “One doctor while seeing me even said how my medical notes and how I was actually doing didn't quite seem to match up.”

The status update received a massive 161,000 likes with over 13,000 sharing the post.

On Tuesday, Stephen posted a Facebook status saying that this could be his “thumbs up”.

Nevertheless, Stephen continues to survive and has been able to witness over £2 million raised for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Celebrity support has helped reach that mark. Over the last two days a number of celebrities have posted supportive selfies across social media sites to encourage more donations.

Amongst those to get involved in the #thumpsupforstephencampaign were comedian Jason Manford, actor Russell Brand and Olympic Gold medallist Chris Hoy.

After finding out last year that the cancer he had been suffering from since the age of 15 was terminal, Stephen decided to write a bucket list of 46 things to do before he died.

One of his goals on that list was to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

After raising the initial £10,000 in a matter of weeks, Stephen then set his sights on £1 million.

After receiving mass publicity and high profile support the £1 million mark was passed on Wednesday and with the donations continuing to flood in it now stands at £2.1 million.