The Jihadis Next Door: Muslim man delivers impassioned response to shocking documentary

‘Don’t listen to these muppets, they haven’t got a clue’

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Responses to Channel 4’s new documentary The Jihadis Next Door have been widespread, but few are quite as impassioned as this Muslim man’s video.

The man, whose name is unknown, recorded a video describing the extremists in the documentary as "muppets" and "idiots".

He also condemns the acts of Britain’s most dangerous extremists in the video, and warns young people to stay away from them.

The man first addresses the British public, saying: “Britain. These six or seven individuals – not hundreds and thousands – do not represent the 3 million Muslims that live here.

“Don’t listen to these muppets. They haven’t got a clue; they’ve got no knowledge whatsoever. They haven’t got any scholars that guide them.”

To the extremists themselves, he says: “Flippin’ hell… You hate this country. You spew rubbish, yet you’re claiming benefits.”

Referring to extremist preacher Mohammed Shamsuddin, who the documentary claims lives on benefits, the man continues: “What’s that about? What are you claiming benefits for if you hate this country so much?

“That 14-year old boy you groomed online, who watched your videos, he’s doing life [in prison] now. Because of you. Imagine what his parents are going through right now,” he continued.

The man also calls the extremists “takfiri”, which loosely translated means the declaration of someone who is, or claims to be, a Muslim as impure.

The man also had some choice words for Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May:

“Why the hell did you take their passports off them for? If they want to go, let them go, let them do one. We’ll give them a one-way ticket.

“We don’t want them here. Let them go.”

His advice for young people is to stay away from the extremist’s rhetoric, and instead to seek answers from scholars.

“Don’t follow these guys,” he says. “Don’t listen to their fancy words because you know, as soon as it kicks off, they’ll do a runner.

“Seek the real scholars for knowledge, don’t follow these idiots.”

The Jihadis Next Door follows the group of extremists, which includes suspected masked militant Abu Rumaysah, in an effort to “understand the motives of people like these”, according to filmmaker Jamie Roberts.