Today's Papers: Irish PM: unity 20 years away

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THE Irish Prime Minister, Albert Reynolds, says the question of a united Ireland is off the political agenda 'in this generation' according to the Observer. In an interview with the paper, he says that people in Northern Ireland should consider the question again in 20 or 25 years' time, but that if they think they are better off where they are they should stay with Britain.

The Sunday Times reports that the Terrence Higgins Trust, the country's leading Aids charity, faces ruin after allegations of bad management, political in-fighting, drug-dealing and homosexual harassment. According to the paper, insiders say the criticism reflects a lack of confidence in the board.

The aftermath of the Rachel Nickell murder case is widely covered. The News of the World has an exclusive interview with Colin Stagg, the murder suspect freed after the case against him collapsed last week. He says the police saw him as a 'low-life' loner and a virgin who wandered Wimbledon Common with his head full of sexual fantasies. He reveals that he is going to set up house with a careworker who befriended him in prison.

According to the paper, Stagg has had his innocence confirmed by a lie detector test.