True stories from the Great Railway Disaster

A weekly chronicle of the absurdities of privatisation; No 94: so you want the express to go faster?
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One of the old railway traditions was that expresses were given priority over local trains. That makes sense because the expresses are going farther and are likely to be carrying many more people.

But it no longer happens. Laurence Canty travels frequently from Lancaster to London on InterCity West Coast's Royal Scot, scheduled to leave Lancaster at 11.55 am, and twice recently it has been delayed by about 10 minutes. Both times the express found itself behind the local Regional Railways North West 12.04 train for Liverpool, which it cannot get past until Preston.

Mr Canty spoke about this to several rail officials who confirmed that, under the new rules governing privatisation, "all trains are treated equally" and none is given precedence over any other.

This uncharacteristic socialist ethos is governed by the fact that all train operators have individual contracts with Railtrack, which fines them if they cause delays or, in turn, pays them compensation if the delay is Railtrack's fault.

Therefore, if Railtrack, which controls the signalling, made the local train late, the train operator would be entitled to compensation from Railtrack.

On the other hand, the InterCity West Coast train's problem may not be the responsibity of Railtrack, in which case Railtrack would receive a fine of pounds 80 per minute.

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