Another Tube strike, another long walk to work. We filmed our journey to see if the busy commuter stations of Vauxhall and Victoria were severely affected by the strike.

Arriving at Vauxhall just before 8.30am, queues were beginning to form as commuters attempted to make their 9am starts.

Many ignored the fact there was no visible space left on certain buses and attempted to board anyway - but to no avail. It was certainly busier than usual but not as congested as last month’s strike.

This trend continued as we made our way to Victoria. Several queues had been formed, the longest containing 125-150 people, split into two separate groups.

A member of staff told us that the waiting time for the popular 73 bus was around thirty minutes but insisted that it was a completely normal day and in some respects more efficient than when the underground network was running.

It was an optimistic view but services were certainly better than July’s transport disruptions; but will it last for the return leg home?