Tube strikes: When will it start and can your employer insist you come into work?

Everything you need to know about this week's Tube strikes

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Londoners have been warned to brace themselves for another week of travel misery as two more scheduled Tube strikes take place.

Rail union leaders are due to meet London Underground managers for further talks, but time is running out to avert the two 24-hour walkouts this week.

When do they start?

The strikes will be in force from 6:30pm on Tuesday and 6:30pm on Thursday.

However, TfL warns commuters should try and be out of the Underground system by 4:30pm, with a last-minute rush expected to take place as people try and get home in time - causing severe delays.

When do they finish?

Each strike lasts 24 hours, although TfL warns travel will be disrupted from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday morning.

Disruption will have mostly eased by Friday afternoon. Services will be back to normal by Saturday morning.

How else can I get around?

Extra buses will be in place but the additional footfall is expected to cause delays, so you're advised to leave plenty of time if travelling by bus.

Extra 'Boris bikes' will also be available and more river services will be scheduled.

What rights do I have to work from home?

The responsibility lies with employers to make employees aware of their options; whether they are expected at work, if they can work from home or can take a holiday or unpaid day.

An understanding employer should be flexible if you are simply unable to make it in, however there is no guarantee you will be paid if you miss the day, unless it is already written into your contract.

What's the weather going to be like?

Previous Tube strikes have been notable for inspiring Londoners to get out in the fresh air and walk or cycle to work.

However, miserable weather is predicted for this week. Thunderstorms and heavy downpours are expected to dominate skies from until Friday morning.

So if you've been walking or cycling for the previous Tube strikes, you may want to reconsider your plans for this week.