Two Welsh Guard soldiers 'forced to rape each other' during initiation ceremony

The incident was reportedly filmed and the footage shared throughout the barracks

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Two rookie soldiers were allegedly forced to rape each other during an initiation ceremony at Pirbright Barracks in Surrey.

Within weeks off joining the Household Division regiment of the Welsh Guards, the men were reportedly made to perform sexual acts on each other by members of their company.

They had just finished seven months of training before returning to Pirbright for their first ceremonial rotation at the Tower of London.

This "initiation" was allegedly caught on video and passed around the barracks via WhatsApp and SnapChat.

A source told the Sun on Sunday: "What happens on the footage is disgusting.

"It was totally out of control and the older and more senior guys were obviously ordering them to do what they did.

"The two guys must both have been terrified.

"They had no choice in what they were doing, it was bullying at its absolute worst. People should be in jail for this."

Since the incident, one of two soldiers has reportedly been discharged from the army as a result of the distress caused.

Queen's Guard marching outside Buckingham Palace 

The source added: "It is outrageous what has happened to these two. All the Companies have initiation ceremonies but none like this."

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has denied the incident took place during an "initiation ceremony" or those involved being forced to do anything.

The MoD issued a statement, which read: "We can confirm an incident did take place and details were referred to the Royal Military Police for an initial investigation.

"No allegations of coercive or criminal behaviour were made.

"However this behaviour is unacceptable and administrative action was taken against those present, with disciplinary measures taken against one individual."