UK weather: Heatwave conditions and thunderstorms collide for an unsettled weekend

A spate of typically British weather could see sizzling temperatures quickly overshadowed by thunder and showers

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Heatwave conditions and swathes of sunshine are set to sweep across parts of England and Wales this weekend, with temperatures likely to hit a glorious 32C.

The warmth and humidity forecast have seen the Met Office issue an alert for heatwave conditions in parts of the UK and Wales - but sunworshippers shouldn't be too quick to rejoice, for this is the UK after all.

A 'level two' warning, triggered as soon as the chances of experiencing heatwave conditions hits 60 per cent for two consecutive days, has been put in place across parts of the Midlands and south-east England, where the mercury could hit 32C in central London on Friday.

But in a typically British fashion, the sizzling heat and humid conditions will be quickly replaced by showers and unsettled weather. A spokesperson for the Met Office said Londoners can expect “very hot, very humid” conditions, before a wave of thunderstorms arrive on Saturday to eclipse the balmy weather.

The spokesperson told The Independent: “On Sunday, a few showers are expected - particularly in London - but it will be generally fresher, less humid and slightly cooler, with temperatures expected to be between 25 and 26C.”

Fear not, however, as temperatures could stay above average throughout the rest of July, even rising up to the 30s again in parts of the south. 

“Next week we are expecting a north-west, south-east split, with the best of weather expect in the south and east of England," the spokesperson added. "The north and west of the UK will see good dry periods with some unsettled weather of showers and stronger winds.

"Meanwhile, temperatures are likely to remain on the warm side very far south-east."