UK weather: More wind and showers expected after Hurricane Gonzalo battered Britain

Britain has seen its fair share of wet and windy weather this week

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The UK is in for another wet and windy few days after being hit by remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo this week.

Britain was battered by strong winds of up to 60mph and heavy rain as the remains of the hurricane passed over the country.

However, while there is still a few days of showery rain and windy conditions ahead of us, the weather is set to become "much more normal" for Autumn over the rest of the week.

The Met Office said rainfall has been above average in central and eastern England during the first two weeks of October.

Meanwhile, temperatures have been at levels expected for this time of year, with the average for the whole of the UK sitting at 12.8C.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "We’ve got some showery weather over Scotland at the moment and fairly heavy rain.

“Tomorrow, that breaks up, but we have showery weather continuing along the west coast of northern England, Wales and the south west as we go through morning.

“As we move towards lunch, the showery weather spreads and heads over the south and south east, with the west coast of Scotland still hanging onto the wet weather.

“Winds will ease slightly over Wednesday and Thursday, becoming much more normal - not gale force winds. Central areas could also see showers on Thursday.

“Again, even away from the showers it’s going to remain cloudy, but there is a chance you may see some sunshine break through clouds in central and south east areas.

“On Friday, the rain breaks up in western Scotland but there is still showers coming through in England and Wales. The Midlands will also see some showers on Friday and windy weather will continue in the north.”

It is not all doom and gloom however, as parts of Britain can expect a respite from showers on Saturday, with the weather expected to be fairly dry across the south.