Unexploded WW2 bomb discovered in east London

Police have evacuated the area after the bomb was found by builders on the site in Bethnal Green

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An unexploded bomb believed to be from the Second World War has been discovered in a building site in east London.

The device was found by contractors working at Temple Street in Bethnal Green at around 1pm on Monday.

Specialist police officers are at the scene and surrounding roads have been closed.

Local residents and businesses will be evacuated as a safety precaution, the Metropolitan Police has said.

Bomb experts from the British Army have been called to the scene after a 500kg mortar shell was found during a precautionary bomb survery.

Lady Celeste Luminary, a local performer, told the Standard she was escorted several blocks away by officers.

She said: "At around 12:30pm I was reclining on the couch and I noticed police taping off the street outside. Next thing - bashing on the door.

"I grabbed my keys and we had to walk several blocks away heading east. I'm still in my pyjamas - heaven forbid. I've got my nails done though as I had a show last night. I'm slightly peckish and sitting outside with no purse."

"He explained there was an unexploded WW2 bomb behind our house found under some building renovations.

One resident tweeted it was going to be a "minimum 24-hour evacuation".

London Fire Brigade are on the scene and a 300ft "hazard zone" has been set up around the site, according to the Mail Online.

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