Vampire world record attempted in Sussex


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Thousands of people dressed as vampires descended on Tulleys Farm in West Sussex over the weekend for a Guinness World Record attempt.

The record in question was the most vampires together in one place; the current record was set back in 2011, when 1,039 sharp-toothed vampire impersonators came together in Doswell, Virginia, USA.

The mood amongst those before the attempt was generally positive. “It’ll be quite awesome,” said one of the cape-clad vampires. “It’s something to tell your kids in the future: ‘I was a vampire and beat the world record’”.

But, much to the disappointment of the event organiser, the record wasn’t quite broken. “The criteria is really, really tight, so we fell short,” he said. Incorrect clothing, including the odd poorly-chosen pair of non-regulation shoes, was cited as the main reason for the failure.

All that was left for those involved was to de-vampire, rubbing off the face-paint and taking out the teeth. “It won’t look too good going to work on Monday with those in,” said one man.