Van driver caught swerving into cyclist in helmet-cam video

Footage was met with outpouring of condemnation from cycling community

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A white van driver has been filmed swerving into a cyclist, narrowly avoiding a collision and forcing the rider off the road. 

The van appeared to be overtaking the cyclist when the incident occurred on the westbound stretch of the A272, pushing the rider on to the grass verge to the side of the road. 

The cyclist was able to stay on their bike and quickly rejoined the carriageway as the van sped off. 

The footage was met with an outpouring of online condemnation from the cycling community, who accused the driver of endangering the cyclist’s life. 

One Twitter user wrote: “I'd make the driver ride a bike while people drive vans at him until he gets the message.”

Another said: “Cyclist shouldn't be in the middle of the road like that. Driver should face prosecution though. Endangered guy's life.”

BBC radio presenter Jeremy Vine, who also shared the video on Twitter, said: “It actually takes practise to drive as badly as this.”

The identity of the driver is unknown, although the van was branded with a Vidette UK Ltd logo. 

The company said on Twitter “appropriate action has been taken” against the driver before later deleting its account. It offered no further comment on what kind of action had been taken. 

The Independent contacted Vidette Ltd UK for comment.