Video: Alastair Campbell rages at Daily Mail deputy editor Jon Steafel over Ralph Miliband article


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Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell accused Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre of being a "bully and a coward" last night, during a heated discussion of an article that described Ed Miliband's father as "the man who hated Britain".

Tony Blair's former director of communications faced deputy editor Jon Steafel on BBC's Newsnight and fiercely criticised the paper's editor for sending his deputy to appear on the programme instead of himself.

He accused Mr Steafel of "reading out the lines" written for him by Mr Dacre in what he called a "pathetic ramble".

In his scathing attack of the Daily Mail, he said the newspaper "is the worst of British values posing as the best" and asked Mr Steafel "Where is Paul Dacre tonight and why have you been put up?"