Video: Police car crashes into £250,000 Ferrari 458 Spider

Onlookers described the collision as an 'amazing combination', after the BMW squad car reportedly attempted a quick U-turn in London

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If there are two breeds of road-user who struggle to inspire sympathy with the masses, supercar-owners and police officers have to be right up there.

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that the passers-by who filmed the aftermath of this crash can be heard laughing and wincing in equal measure - nor any shock that the video is going viral.

Described by one onlooker as “an amazing combination”, a Ferrari 458 Spider and silver BMW police car were crushed together after the squad car had allegedly tried to perform a quick three point turn in a London street.

Witnesses said the supercar was reversing into a parking space at the time, and was already attracting a lot of attention at the time.

According to an onlooker quoted by the Supercar Scene blogger Paul Wallace, the Ferrari was “shunted pretty hard as it was reversing”.

The video has now been viewed on YouTube more than 11,000 times, and was uploaded by Supercars of London. The user commented below the video saying the aftermath of the collision “was fairly calm from both parties. The Ferrari owner was keen on making sure everything was noted correctly”.

The uploader added: “The laughing is by far my favourite bit! It's a situation you just have to laugh at...unless you're the Ferrari owner,” to which user TheMahmoodAnsari replied: “That would be my friend… but all is good.”

Police confirmed the crash occurred on Sunday night on the Edgware Road in the capital.

A spokesperson for the Met said: “We can confirm a police car was in collision with a Ferrari. No one was injured during the collision and no arrests were made.”

An onlooker told the Mail: “I have been filming supercars for many years around Europe but it's the first time I have seen an unfortunate incident like this involving the police.

“It created quite a scene and a lot of bystanders were photographing and filming the incident. It was an amazing combination of a supercar involved in a crash with the police.”